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We're so glad that you're interested in the beautiful and charming art of reborn doll painting.  Reborn Reflections has been assembling and painting reborn dolls since June 2014.  Our dolls are sold privately and on eBay and have been donated and utilized for 'Cuddle Therapy'.


This has been a totally amazing year for me and my business.  It started when I was invited to participate in the first annual Young Entrepreneur's section of our local 'Meet in the Street' fair in May 2017.  I didn't think that my dolls, which are totally unique and probably considered expensive for what people usually buy at a street fair, would sell or even attract attention.  I thought people would just think they were weird.  But that didn't happen at all!


The booth was busy the entire day.  We sold 1 doll and got lots of other people to come to our website and Facebook page.  Then I got a call from our local newspaper. They said they wanted to do a story about my dolls.  After the  newspaper article was written, I got a call from a local TV show, 'Loving Life with Dr. Timothy Weir', and he said he wanted to do an episode about my dolls, which aired New Year's weekend and is now available online.  I've already applied to participate in the fair again this year. Thank you to everyone who has helped me make this business so successful - and fun!


We pride ourselves on having a 100% satisfied customer-base and a total commitment to making beautiful, unique reborn dolls for you to cherish.  As an example, here is a copy of a note I recently received from the person who adopted Kara.  Her kind words make me so proud!


We are anxious for you to explore our site and visit the Nursery where a majority of our reborn dolls are displayed. However, we ask that you please be patient if there are small issues with our website.  We design and code the site ourselves, so we occasionally make a mistake or miss a problem.


Each of our dolls is hand selected and painted, dressed and then carefully packaged for adoption.  We generally only have one or two dolls available at a time.   If you are interested in purchasing a reborn doll, you can view the ones that are currently for sale on on the For Sale page.  If you would like to discuss ordering a custom doll, please email us at the address in the Contact Us section.


And if you would like to discuss the possibility of having us donate a doll for cuddle therapy, please contact us.




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  • Tink is Done and Ready to Show

    Tiny 'Tink' the 1st Edition sculpt by Bonnie Brown is now 'Willow'. She has sparse blonde hair, a belly plate and gorgeous glass eyes.

  • Xavier is Finished and Ready to Donate

    This is Realborn Owen Awake and he has been custom made to try and replicate a Native American skin tone.  He is being donated to the South Dakota State Mental Hospital, along with Riley to spend the days with the patients there.  I am so excited to be able to share my dolls with them.  I know they will love them as much as I do!  Thank you Annette for helping to make this happen.

  • Unity has been Sold

    Unity was a custom order to be 'Sara's' twin sister.  She has white blonde hair and a wonderful light peachy skin tone.

  • Come See Me At 'Meet in the Street' May 5th

    For the second year in a row, I have been invited to participate in this year's Young Entrepreneurs portion of the fair.  Last year was so amazing.  We thought that no one would like my dolls and that they would think they were weird.  But we got such a great response!  I had so much fun showing my dolls to people, explaining what I do and how I do it, and letting them hold my precious little ones.  This year I am going to bring as many dolls as I can, so I may have to stop putting them up for sale for a while, just so I have some merchandise. :)

  • Custom Ordering is now Available

    This is Violet. She was 'Realborn Ashleigh Asleep' by Bountiful Baby.  Our friend ordered her after meeting Olivia (my new service doll) and she fell in love. So she custom ordered a doll to look just like Olivia, with light skin and a bald head, but unlike Olivia, she has vinyl limbs.  If you'd like to order a custom doll, please email me.

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