Reborn Dolls For Sale or Coming Soon

I individually select, hand paint and assemble each of my dolls.   I also spend about 20+ hours if I choose to root the baby's hair.  Therefore, I only have 1 or 2 dolls for sale at any given time.  However, please come back frequently to see what's new!


In addition to buying my dolls through PayPal using the button below, you can also purchase my dolls on my Facebook page or on eBay.  All dolls are shipped via USPS  that costs an additional $17.00.  Local pick ups are also an option.

For Sale - Tapi


Price:  $350

Tapi is 'Realborn Sleeping Zuri' by Bountiful Baby.  She has dark skin tone and straight black hair that is designed to replicate an Indian or East Asian baby.  I am bringing her to the Meet in the Street Fair on May 5th. If she doesn't sell there, I will list her here and on eBay.

For Sale - Willow


Price:  $490

This is Tink by Bonnie Brown.  She is 18" long with full arms, full legs and a 1/2 tummy plate. Just like a little preemie, she fits right into your hand.  She is Limited Edition and has already sold out! She has a fair skin tone, sparsely rooted blonde hair and gorgeous glass eyes.

For Sale - Yasmine


Price:  $460

Isabella by Nikki Johnston is such an adorabe sleeping sweetie.  She is 17" long, with full arms, full legs.  She has a rich African American skin tone and terrific curly black hair.  I am totally loving this baby!

For Sale - Zuri


Price:  $160

This tiny little girl was 'Becca' by Marita Winters. She is only 10 inches long!  She has African American skin tones, black curly rooted hair and a custom made little outfit.

For Sale - Anthony


Price:  $150

This wee little one is 'Marley' by Marita Winters. He is only 7 inches long, has a bald head and light Caucasian skin tones.  He fits in the palm of your hand!

For Sale - Blake


Price: $340

This is Realborn Kase Wake.  He has a gorgeous Caucasian skin tone, blue/grey eyes and a slightly larger body.  I will be bringing him to the Meet in the Street fair with me, but if he doesn't sell there, I will list him here and on eBay.

Custom Order - Xavier



This is Realborn Owen Awake. I made him to have Native American skin tone, brown eyes and a larger soft body.  He is being donated to the South Dakota State Mental Hospital along with his 'sister' Riley.

Custom Order - Riley



I decided to give Riley and Realborn Owen Awake to the South Dakota State Mental Hospital so that their patients can enjoy the joy of holding and caring for a reborn doll.

Custom Order - Unity



Sara was such a hit that I have a custom order to make a second doll just like her. Of course no two dolls are the same, but they will look very similar.

Pebbles -


Part of my Personal Collection

I absolutely adore my Vince doll. I am so excited to be able to paint his beautiful sister Pebbles!  I already love how she looks, but once the Meet in the Street fair is over, I will give her wavy strawberry-blonde hair.

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